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What if I told you I’d help you for free? Because that’s exactly how this works.

It’s Like Buying a House

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Think of me as a real estate agent-- but for travel.

When you buy a
house - the seller pays for an agent, right?
It’s just like that in travel.

The seller (hotels, cruise lines, etc) pay for an agent.
The buyer (that’s you!) doesn’t.

How it Works

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The base price for travel is almost always the same no matter where you book.

The hotels and cruise lines set base prices, and then allow resellers to mark up or down (at their own expense) however they please. That’s why you see price disparities in the first

Sneaky sales tactics you’ll see?
  • Low advertised rates with hidden booking fees at the end.
  • Artificial marked up prices, so the real price looks like a sale.
  •  Failure to compare apples to apples in pricing. Usually the culprit in an “Ours vs. Theirs” pricing scheme.

All of these things can make prices look erratic. But at the end of the day, the base price is almost always the same.

Let's Break It Down

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For the sake of argument, let’s assume that we’re looking at a $200 per night hotel room. Let’s assume the hotel’s profit on this is $100.

In order to help sell more rooms, the hotel makes deals with travel resellers that say, “If you send your clients to us, we’ll pay you a commission.”

Let’s assume (for the sake of easy math) it’s a 10% commission.

$20 of your $200 is paid out as a commission to me, (or whomever you booked with) and the hotel profits $80.

So there you have it. You got the best price on the room, the hotel made their profit, and I got paid.


Questions and Confusion

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Almost all of my first time clients assume that if they book with an independent travel agent like me, they’ll pay the same $200, AND THEN have to pay my fees on top of that.

It makes sense, I get it.
And some travel agents will do that to you.
Just not me.

The next question that I am normally asked is, “Well, can’t you waive your commission so that I get the room for $180?”

Sorry, Charlie.
I can’t even sell that room to myself for $180.


Booking Elsewhere

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When you use me to find the perfect hotel room, and then go book it elsewhere, what happens?

The same $20 commission is paid out by the hotel.

They just pay it to someone else.

Doesn't seem very fair, does it?
So please don't do that to me. 
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