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I am often asked why someone should book with me as opposed to someplace like Costco.

A little David vs. Goliath, right?

Think of those “Goliath” vendors as a waitress. Think of me as a chef. We have access to the same kitchen ingredients.

The same pots and pans. But those “Goliath” outlets have no kitchen experience. You tell them what you want, they go get it, and you pay.

That’s it.

Your interaction with them is over. They will never follow up with you again.
When you work with me, I’m with you every step of the way. We work together to figure out what you’re really looking for (sometimes it's not exactly what you think it is!) and then we cater a unique experience that fits your needs.

And after that, I’ll make sure that your trip is well executed. And finally, I’ll help manage any hiccups anywhere along the path from “considering a vacation” to “home from vacation.” And that includes issues that arise while you’re traveling.

This used to be my hobby. I got so good at it that I made it my business.

I love travel, and travel planning. I get excited for the thrill of finding a deal. And you get all of that enthusiasm every step of the way.

And I'll manage your trip as carefully as I'd manage my own.


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Do I hope that I’ll be able to earn your trust? Yes.

Do I expect you to price check me against my competition? Also yes.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, there will be a price that I can’t meet or beat. No one wins every race, right?

If that ever happens, I’ll let you know that you should book elsewhere.

Why would I do that?

Because I know that when I do, I’ll earn your trust. And that once I have your trust, for the other 99 times that I am the best price out there, I know that I’ll have your loyalty.

And that matters so much more to me than any single sale.


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I have been to more than 45 countries, so I have a lot of “foot to pavement” experience in some of the world’s top destinations.

I am also neck deep in “deals” and “offers” all day long. I know the difference between a GREAT deal, and GREAT marketing on an OK deal.

I know the cheaper times of year to travel to different destinations and I know what brands offer sales and when.

My experience helps improve your odds at getting rock bottom prices with alarming accuracy.


I’m proud to carry some of the most distinguished accreditations and certifications in the travel industry.

So not only do I have the “street” smarts gained from years of first-hand experience, I’ve also got the “book smarts” training and
education to back it up.
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When it comes to booking travel, I’m more than a means to an end. I’m your personal travel encyclopedia.
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